木川,獨立出版人、攝影師、藝術家。其作品常取材於生活,從樸素的事物中挖掘內在的生命。他堅持作品應當是出於內心的感受,如果只註重形式和裝飾,那麽形體只是空洞的軀殼。 他反對過度裝飾下的空虛,外在的服裝與環境只能表達某壹時期和空間的語言,只有脫去偽裝才會有真摯的表達。在他所處的社會,人們對於裸體攝影還存在很大爭議,他堅持:“裸體攝影是情色,還是藝術,取決於觀賞者的心態。如果人的心是純凈的,那麽他便能從裸體中感受到藝術的美;如果人心充斥著欲望,即使人物穿滿衣服,也皆是邪念。” 通過電影、攝影、寫作、行為、裝置等藝術表達方式,他探索著關於自由的精神追求,倡導對同誌群體的關註和保護。當攝影無法表達他的感受時,通過無聲的文字,他尋找著能感同他感受的人。

MuChum, an Independent publisher, photographer, and artist. His works are often drawn from life, and digging out the inner life from the simple things. He insists that works should be out of the feelings of the heart. If we only pay attention to form and decoration, then the body is only empty shell. He holds against to the void under over-design.External appearance and social environment, can only express the language of some certain periods and space. The only way to truly express is to take off pretense. In his society, there is still a lot of controversy about nude photography. He insists:“Whether nude photography is erotic or artistic depends on the viewer’s mindset. If a man’s heart is pure, he can feel the beauty of art from the nude body; if a man’s heart is full of desire, even if the character is clothed, he is full of evil.” Through film, photography, writing, performance, Installation and other artistic expression, he explores the spiritual pursuit of freedom, and repeatedly advocates the concern and protection of the homosexual community. When photography fails to express his feelings, through the silent words, he seeks out people who feel the same way with him.


BOOK | 書籍
“MuChum’s Poems” 《木川詩集》 (Poems | America | Mar 2018 | ISBN-13:978-1986339902)
“Blooming Boys” 《綻放的男孩》 (Art Portfolio | Hong Kong | May 2018 | ISBN: 978-988-8515-39-4)
“NaturalSelf” 《自然之然》 (Art Portfolio | Taiwan | Sep 2018 |
“12” 《12電子雜誌》 (E-Magazine | USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong | Jan 2018)
“Crack” 《裂縫》 (Art Portfolio | USA, LA | Jan 2020)
“Du” 《渡》 (Photo e-Book | Taiwan | Aug 2020)
“Baseball Boy” 《少年野球隊》 (Photo e-Book | Japan | Sep 2021)

FILM | 影片
“One” 《壹》 (Director, Cameraman | 14, MAR, 2018)
“MuChum” 《木川》 (Director | 08, MAY, 2018)
“Thanks for being alone” 《我終將感謝這份孤獨》 (Director, Cameraman | 30, SEP, 2018)

AWARD | 獲獎
PX3  Award 法國 (“Blooming Boys”, Honorable Mention, French, 2018)

MuChum – Blooming Boys 綻放的男孩 (Damo square,Hefei, China, Solo Exhibition, 2017)
Erection youth Exhibition 勃起青年展 (Zaofou square, Hangzhou, China, Group Exhibitions, 2017.07.08)
Rainbow in my world 彩虹世界 (Anhui international convention and exhibition center, Hefei, China, Group Exhibitions, 2017)
Erection youth Exhibition 勃起青年展 (Shiqing hotel, Hangzhou, China, Group Exhibitions, 2017.10.15)

"MU" or "12"


“MU” is derived from the pronunciation of the number 12 in ancient Greek language, and is a derivative of the ancient Roman character “XII”, which presents number twelve. 12 contains love and endeavor, can record time (the 12 directions on clock) and rhythm (the 12 semitones on a piano keyboard). The choice of 12 is our hope that we can record the distinctive life languages in a limit time with our love for photography business, breaking through the shackles of mainstream aesthetics to find visual expression from true heart.




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