From samsara of a flower to the birth of a book. It took five years for the flowers to bloom and fall. The change of seasons is like the experience and practice of life. I use the integration of flowers and male bodies to interpret a language of life.

法國攝影獎PX3 2018
Won the Honorable Mention of French PX3 photography award in 2018

Created in 2013 by Muchum, “Blooming boys” constitutes the visual language for male naked bodies in his sight, and contain his contemplation of life in peace. With the flower booming and fading, with the seasons change over and over, it’s just like what happened to our life.In the world of MuChum, lilies emerge from the mouthparts of men, Manjusaka blooms in the butt ,and the body is engraved with the rings of life.Where is our final vesting?It must be like a fallen leaf they love of  the land.He saw it in his eyes and shot it in heart to show you.Blooming in the naked body, flowers meet the most prosperous moment of life. Floating in the mortal body, the life ,with the flowers and the temperature of the seasons , blooming, booming, fading,dying finally.