裂缝 | Crack



尺寸:20.32×25.4 厘米
線裝折頁書:112 頁,R級

TITLE: Crack
SIZE: 8×10 in
LANGUAGE: English、Chinese
THREAD-BOUND BOOK: 112 pages, R rating
PUBLICATION: Feb/02/2020, the USA, Picture album
INTRO: Sexual desire, emotion and nudity are born naturally, but people can’t talk about the binding of man-made bondage and morality any more. I try to seek the outbreak of human desire through the simplest language, which rolls on in circles and are not prisoners to the cage of reality.We also grow in the cracks and just return to their original appearance.
Recommended index: ★★★★★




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5. 購買流程(加入購物車——提交訂單——完成付款——發貨——快遞運輸——收到貨物)

In terms of the designer’s design concept, the book is symbolized by a thread as the crack that runs through the book and finally disappears. Therefore, the book is bound with a loose backless locking wire. As the number of views increases, the thread slowly loosens and the pages spread out, wrapping themselves in the cover. Although the idea of the work is presented on paper in the material world, the material media will disappear, and the spiritual value may remain in the hearts of readers.

R rating: over 18 years of age, contains nude material and sexual organs.

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