關系 彩色 | Relation Color



關系 彩色
尺寸:40X60 cm

Relation Color
Author: MuChum
Inventory: Out of stock
Size: 15.75×23.62 in
Creation date: 2019
Mount: Hanemmler art paper, Aluminum alloy
Note: The version is the color version; The picture consists of several legs interlaced together, which is the author’s reflection on the relationship.



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作品采用符合ISO9706博物館收藏認證標準的收藏級材質進行制作,輸出與裝裱,均由經過國際FINE ART TRADE GUILD(英國藝術貿易公會)旗下Artsure、英國INNOVA認證的專業工作室完成。



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The work is made from the collection-grade material in conformity with ISO9706 museum collection certification standards. The output and mounting are completed by professional studios accredited by Artsure and INNOVA of the international FINE ART TRADE GUILD.

About Artist
MuChum, an artist, born in Hefei, China. His works are often drawn from life, and he is good at digging out the inner life from the simple things. He insists that works should be out of the feelings of the heart. If we only pay attention to form and decoration, then the body is only empty shell. He objects to the void under over-design. External clothing, social environment, can only express the language of a certain period and space. The only way to truly express is to take off pretense. In his society, there is still a lot of controversy about nude photography. He insists,“Whether nude photography is erotic or artistic depends on the viewer’s mindset. If a man’s heart is pure, he can feel the beauty of art from the nude body; if a man’s heart is full of desire, even if the character is clothed, he is full of evil.” Through film, photography, writing, performance, Installation and other artistic expression, he explores the spiritual pursuit of freedom, and repeatedly advocates the concern and protection of the homosexual community. When photography fails to express his feelings, through the silent words, he seeks out people who feel the same way with him.




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