VOL.016 平行時空的角色切換

VOL.016 Character Switching In Parallel Spaces
Release date: Jan, 2020
Rating and pages: R, 220p
Language: Chinese and English
Recommended index: ★★★★★
Category: Downloadable E-magazine
Introduction: I have known Tian for more than three years, but the first time I met him in real life was during the photo shoot of this magazine. Before this, he always said that he was not in good shape, so he did not dare to shoot with me. After the collaboration, he regretted not seeing me for so long. This issue contains a set of renewals of Blooming Boys and a set of extra-long photocopies, which is by far the most photogenic issue of any issue!


《12》於2018年創刊,以電子設備為媒介,是壹本關於男性的先鋒藝術雜誌,旨在通過圖文等方式, 探索軀體的美學意義,影響藝體價值的新觀念。


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ABOUT “12”
“12”, published in 2018, is an avantgarde e-magazine about male and art, aiming to explore the aesthetic significance of body and impact people’s new concept of nude art by means of pictures and words.

G rating: available to all, with almost no nudity; PG rating: over 18 years of age, contains nudity, no sexual organs; R rating: over 18 years of age, contains nude material and sexual organs.

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